Arabian Plate Map Key

Afar (A)

Chaman (C)

Dead Sea (DS)

E. Anatolian Fault (EA)

Kavir (K)

Herat (H)

Lut Block (L)

Makran (M)

N. Zagros (NZ)

Oman (O)

Sinai (S)

S. Zagros (SZ)

Lake Van (V)

 Volcano Line (VL)


Afar Region (A) -- NE Africa. The junction of three great rifts: Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, and East African rift.

Chaman Fault Zone (C) -- NW Pakistan. Eastern transform-fault boundary between the Arabian and Indian plates.

Dead Sea Fault Zone (DS) -- Israel/Jordan/Lebanon. Western transform-fault boundary between the Arabian and African plates.

East Anatolian Fault Zone (EA) -- East-trending folds and thrust faults in the northern segment of the Dead Sea transform boundary. The East Anatolian fault and the North Anatolian fault, which extends eastward across northern Turkey, intersect in the Lake Van region.

Herat Fault (H) -- Afghanistan. East-trending fault zone that marks the northern boundary of the Helmand block, a fragment of continental crust that collided with Asia before the Arabian Plate arrived.

Dasht-e-Kavir (K) -- North-central Iran. Salt desert that is bordered on the north by the Elburz Mountains.

Lut Block (L) -- East-central Iran. A fragment of continental crust that collided with Eurasia before the arrival of the Arabian Plate.

Makran Region (M) -- SE Iran/Pakistan. Mountain ranges made up of bands of sedimentary rocks wedged together by the northward movement and subduction of the Indian Ocean floor beneath the Eurasian continental margin.

Northern Zagros Ranges (NZ) -- W Iran. Long, narrow, folded mountains that were formed during the collision of the Arabian and Eurasian continental plates.

Oman (O) -- NE Arabian Peninsula. Oceanic crust driven up over the edge of the Arabian Plate during an early stage of the plate collision.

Sinai Peninsula (S) -- Junction of the Red Sea rift with the Dead Sea transform fault zone and with the Gulf of Suez rift, which is thought to be extinct.

Southern Zagros Ranges (SZ) -- S Iran. Short, folded mountain ranges in which bedrock overlies a thick layer of rock salt. The salt locally punches to the surface to form salt domes and salt glaciers.

Lake Van (V) -- E Turkey. Complex zone of volcanoes and faults that extends along the Arabian-Eurasian plate boundary from the Iraq/Iran/Turkey border region northward to the Caucasus Mountains.

Volcano Line (VL) -- SE Iran/Pakistan. As the oceanic crust of the Arabian Plate descends beneath the Makran region of Eurasia, the leading edge is subducted deeply enough (100 to 150 km) to melt; magma rises through the crust above that zone and is erupted from volcanoes such as Kuh-e-Taftan.