Lut Block-2


This near-vertical view shows the junction of the north-trending right- lateral Nayband fault (N), which marks the western edge of the Lut Block, with other right-lateral faults that splinter to the south-southeast. Relief in this region is extreme: the Dasht-e-Lut (D), the wind-grooved plain on the right, is barely 1,000' above sea level; Kuh-e-Bach-e-Bala (B) near the southern termination of the Nayband fault reaches 12,386'/3811 m; and Kuh-e- Palvar (P) is 13,888'/4273 m high. Kerman and its irrigated district fills the valley 'K'.


The Jaz Murian depression (J), a foreland basin, is in the foreground of this northward view across the Lut Block (L), a continental fragment that crashed into Asia prior to the arrival of the Arabian Plate. To the right is the Helmand depression (H), the west side of another continental block that arrived before the Arabian Plate. Volcanoes Bazman (B), Taftan (T), and Sultan (S), are also marked.

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