Makran Region-2


In this view south across the Makran, Ras Ormara Peninsula (RO) on the Indian Ocean coast is at top center. Belts of folded and faulted massive sandstone beds separated by valleys are the major elements of this region. Each belt represents a body of sand that was transported by the Indus River and deposited in the offshore trench. The packages of rock get progressively younger toward the coast; the oldest (foreground) are Cretaceous (at least 70 million years old).


The eastern Makran region along the Chaman fault (C) and the related ranges that straddle the Eurasian (left) and Indian (right) plate boundary. Rocks and structures are dragged along the boundary zone as India moves north (away from the viewer). Ras Ormara (RO), the triangular peninsula, is a prominent regional landmark.The next telephoto views extend eastward from Ras Ormara along the folds to the plate margin, a distance of about 125 miles (200 km).

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