Makran Region-3

The next sequence of frames covers the long fold that extends from Ras Ormara eastward to the structures dragged northward along the plate boundary. This series is a good mosaic strip - there is enough overlap so that successive frames can be fit together. For stereo coverage, each photo should overlap the next by about 60 percent of the width of the frame.


From Ras Ormara to the ridge near the photo center is 25 mi (40 km). South is to the top for this sequence of frames. The sharp tip of the fold at upper left is at upper center of the next frame.


Note the oval basin at upper right. Fossils preserved in the strata of this basin are deep-water species, which indicate that the sediments containing the organisms were deposited on the continental slope well below sea level; the beds have since been pushed up to the surface.


The big, flat-bottomed, elongate syncline at left center is broken by a cross fold (where the river cuts through). [A syncline is a fold that is concave downward.] Notice the changing fold shape in the next frame.

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