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09/24/2014 A bug causing the "Geographic Region" search to flag inputs as invalid if more than one geographic region is selected was fixed. The "Distinctive Features" search was made to also search the database fields associated with all the other categories that are included in the "Features" list in the query results pages in addition to searching the database "FEAT" field that it was already searching.
12/03/2009 Feature terms now link to queries to find other records with those features.
03/18/2005 The "Technical Info" pages were upgraded to provide links to field information and to list the camera used.
10/19/2004 A second server was added.
09/30/2004 The articles from NASA's Earth Observatory that were contributed by us have been added to the Earth From Space database. The links to large images have been replaced with links to all available images.
11/07/2003 Articles from NASA's Earth Observatory that were contributed by us are being added to the Earth From Space database.
10/09/2003 The server was replaced with a faster machine and the operating system was replaced with a newer version.
06/17/2003 For consistency across the database, the following fields, formally accessed from the EFS table, are now being accessed from the FRAMES table, which is the main database table: EXPO, CLDP, LAT, LON, TILT, FCLT, DIR, STEO, GEON, FEAT.

The PHASE field has been dropped since records are no longer being added in phases.

The captions, which were being pulled from text files, are now being pulled from the database. This means that non-Earth From Space (EFS) captions will now be showing up along with the EFS captions. We plan to consolidate these eventually.

To allow captions to contain HTML code, they are now being displayed as normal text rather than in <TEXTAREA> tags. One advantage of this is that the entire caption is visible without having to scroll the <TEXTAREA> element.

06/09/2003 Access to large images is now being tracked to allow us to know how they are being used.
04/14/2003 Earth From Space, as accessed from IP name, is now being hosted on a new server (
11/11/2002 A problem that was causing users to get a login box when trying to access large images was fixed.
11/27/2001 An expanded list of other NASA Imagery Web sites was added to the site.
10/09/2001 We have added 145 images and captions for the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, China, Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Ocean Islands. New images of Africa will be added in the near future.
04/17/2001 We have added a new page with the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the Earth from Space Web site.
03/15/2001 We have added 81 images and captions from the former USSR and Japan. More photos coming soon...
01/30/2001 We have added 120 images and captions for the Caribbean, South America, and Europe to Earth from Space. Coming soon are more photos from the former USSR and Japan.