Metadata: Film Types and Electronic Imaging Formats Used by NASA Astronauts to Photograph Earth

Film TypeClassificationDescription
1035IDigital mediaSony HDW-700 Digital HDTV camcorder, 15x zoom lens, 1920 x 1035 interlaced.
151-3Color positiveFrames 1 through 182 are 5048 film, Frames 182A through 441 are 5046 film.
152-2Color positiveFrames 1 through 181 are 5048 film, frames 182 through 364 are 5046 film.
153-2Color positiveFrames 1 through 181 are 5046 film, frames 182 through 365 are 5048 film.
2000EDigital media2000 x 1312 pixel CCD, RGBG imager color filter.
2041Color negativeKodak Pro PMZ 1000, color negative, process C-41, 35mm or 120mm.
2106Color negativeKodak Vericolor III, 70mm negative unperforated, process C-41.
2402Black and whiteKodak Plus-X Aerographic 70mm black and white.
2415Black and whiteKodak Technical Pan Film 2415 Estar AH Base, B&W positive, ASA 100.
2443Color infraredKodak Aerochrome 2443, color IR, thin base, EA-5 process thru June 1999, E-6 process afterward.
2447Color positiveKodak Aerochrome II Duplicating Film, 70mm, process EA-5.
2448Color positiveFine Grain Aerochrome II color-reversal camera film, 70mm, process EA-5.
2485Black and whiteKodak Very High Speed Black and White (VHBW), ASA 6000, 70 mm.
3060EDigital media3060 x 2036 pixel CCD, RGBG array.
3072EDigital media3072 x 2304 pixels largest option, 1/1.8" CCD, ~7.1M pixels, Primary Color filter type.
3101Color negativeKodak, natural color negative, Ektar 100-3101, ASA 125, standard base.
3400Black and whiteKodak B&W negative, Pan-X Aerial, Estar thin base, V641 chem.
3401Black and whiteKodak, High Speed Black and White (HBW), plus XX, ASA 80-125, 70 mm.
4256EDigital media4256 x 2832 pixel CMOS sensor, 36.0mm x 23.9mm, total pixels: 12.87 million, Nikon FX format.
4288EDigital media4288 x 2848 pixel CMOS sensor, RGBG imager color filter.
4928EDigital media4928 x 3280 pixel CMOS sensor, 36.0mm x 23.9mm, total pixels: 16.6 million, Nikon FX format.
5012Color positiveKodak Ektachrome 100, Professional, daylight balance.
5017Color positiveKodak, natural color positive, Ektachrome, X Professional, ASA 64, standard base.
5025Color positiveKodak Ektachrome X Professional ASA 64.
5026Color negativeKodak, natural color negative, Vericolor III 5026, ASA 160, standard base.
5028Color positiveKodak, color positive,Vericolor 400 Proof (VPH),ASA 400, standard base.
5030Color negativeKodak, natural color negative, Ektapress 5030, ASA 1600,standard base.
5036Color positiveKodak, natural color positive, Ektachrome 5036,200 Professional, ASA 200, stand.
5046Color positiveKodak, natural color positive, Lumiere 100/5046, ASA 100, standard base.
5048Color positiveKodak, natural color positive, Lumiere 100x/5048, ASA 100x, standard base.
5069Color positiveKodak Elite 100S, E6 Reversal, Replaces Lumiere, Warmer in tone vs. Lumiere.
5074Color positiveKodak Ektachrome 400, Daylight.
5080Color negativeKodak Pro 400, color negative, ASA 400, 35mm.
5095Color negativeKodak, color negative, Kodacolor VRG/100, ASA 100, standard base.
5245Color positiveKodak EXR 500.
5250Color negativeEastman Color Negative, 35mm.
5327Color positiveKodak, natural color positive, Ektar 25 Professional, ASA 25, standard base.
5755Color negativePortra 160NC, color negative, 35mm, ASA 160.
5775Color negativePortra 400NC, color negative, 35mm, ASA 400.
5776Color positivePortra 400VC, color negative, 35mm, ASA 400.
6017Color positiveKodak Ektachrome 64, 220 Roll Format.
6048EDigital media6048 x 4032 pixel CMOS sensor, 35.9mm x 24.0mm, total pixels: 25.72 million, Nikon FX format.
6118Color positiveKodak Ektachrome 64T, color positive, Professional Film, ASA 64.
7360EDigital media7360 x 4912 pixel CMOS sensor, 35.9mm x 24.0mm, total pixels: 36.8 million, Nikon FX format.
8443Color infraredKodak Aerochrome IR, process: EA-4, replaced by 2443.
ANSCOColor positiveAnscochrome T-100 Superior, ASA 100/64, Color positive.
E2424Black and whiteKodak B&W infrared, no filter.
E2424CBlack and whiteKodak B&W infrared, 0.7-0.8 micron filter band-pass.
E2424DBlack and whiteKodak B&W infrared, 0.8-0.9 micron filter band-pass.
E2443Color infraredKodak color infrared.
E3414Black and whiteKodak Cadmium-enriched Hi-definition B&W Aerial film, "minus blue" Wratten filter.
E3443Color infraredKodak infrared color, "minus blue" Wratten filter.
EKTARColor negativeKodak Ektar 25 color negative Professional Film, ASA 25.
FJ400Color negativeFuji natural color negative, FUJI NHG, ASA 400, standard base.
FJ800Color negativeFuji color negative, 35mm, ASA 800.
QX807Color positiveSO368 film (fine-grain Ektachrome) with yellow dye layer equivalent to Wratten 2A.
QX824Color positiveKodak Ektachrome 64.
QX868Color positiveKodak, natural color positive, Ektachrome QX868(5017 emulsion), ASA 64, thin base.
RS200Color positiveAGFA, natural color positive, Agfachrome 200RS Professional, ASA 200, standard.
RS50Color positiveAGFA, natural color positive, Agfachrome Plus Professional, ASA 50, standard.
RUSSIUnspecifiedRussian film of various types.
SN-10Color infraredRussian Color Infrared,2 dye layer, est. ASA 64,chlorophyl response is green.
SO022Black and whiteKodak B&W infrared, no filter.
SO022ABlack and whiteKodak Panatomic-X B&W, 0.5-0.6 micron filter band-pass.
SO022BBlack and whiteKodak Panatomic-X B&W, 0.6-0.7 micron filter band-pass.
SO117Color positiveKodak, natural color positive, Ektachrome SO117, ASA 400, standard base.
SO121Color positiveKodak Ektachrome 64.
SO131Color infraredKodak High Definition Aerochrome and Estar thin base, infrared color, "minus blue" Wratten filter.
SO180Color infraredKodak Ektachrome infrared.
SO217Color positiveKodak Ektachrome with haze filter.
SO242Color positiveKodak hi resolution color.
SO246Black and whiteKodak B&W infrared.
SO356Color positiveUnknown SkyLab.
SO368Color positiveKodak Ektachrome MS, equivalent to 2448 Kodak Aerochrome, ASA64, thin base, fine grain.
SO489Color positiveKodak Ektachrome, high speed, ASA 400.
VELVIColor positiveFuji, natural color positive, Velvia 50, CS 135-36, ASA 32, standard base.