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11 February 2013    NASA        
Having problems? Let us know here.
6 September 2014    Liberian        
Is there a way to suggest that a picture has been mislabeled? For example, the picture

says that it was taken when the Space Station was over "-26.2,-94.2" but there isn't any land within several hundred miles of that point. The picture itself looks familiar and I have a vague memory of seeing something like that around Italy or Greece.
26 August 2014    NASA        
A problem that was causing credentials to not be presented on the internal page for approving them under certain conditions was resolved and those credentials that were awaiting approval due to this issue were approved.
22 August 2014    NASA        
A cookie problem that was causing tutorial test submissions to skip over the congratulations page wherein users create their credentials if those users have previously visited the regular log-in page was fixed.
15 October 2013    NASA        
An issue with detective badges not showing up when the badge button is clicked was fixed. The badge button is on the small window you get when you submit a record for a photo and only shows up if you have a badge.
19 September 2013    NASA        
Thanks for letting us know, mike_nasaman. The issue has been corrected!
18 September 2013    NASA        
Thanks Mike for your input about the points. We have to check into what happened and fix it. We will gladly accept any other suggestions which you may have to make our Image Detective activity easier to use or more attractive to new users.
17 September 2013    mike_nasaman        
Hey guys, the point values on the most difficult images don't look right. They are set to 1.

- Mike

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