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The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth

(NASA Crew Earth Observations)

"We catch a glimpse of a huge swirl of clouds out the window over the middle of the Pacific Ocean, or the boot of Italy jutting down into the Mediterranean, or the brilliant blue coral reefs of the Caribbean strutting their beauty before the stars. And...we experienced those uniquely human qualities: awe, curiosity, wonder, joy, amazement." (Russell L. Schweickart, Apollo Astronaut ("The Home Planet")

Photographing the Earth from the International Space Station

Metadata: Simple Search

This search option uses a gazetteer (listing) of geographic place or feature names and their latitude/longitude coordinates. Our database will be searched for a circle around the latitude/longitude of the place you entered. You may also broaden the search to a larger circle that would include all images with a geographic center point within the defined circle of the requested place or feature name. This option is available as the geographic place or feature name may or may not be included in the image metadata or feature description; nevertheless, the location of interest may be included in an astronaut photograph.

Please note that the astronaut photography dataset is comprised of handheld images taken from various spacecraft in low earth orbit, and data quality will be variable in terms of spatial resolution (details of the features), time between images of the same area, obliquity, cloud cover, and illumination. Coverage of the Earth by astronaut photography is not uniform; there may be no data available for a given location.